Consulting & Workshops

When it comes to women and diversity initiatives, we usually find companies in 1 of 3 stages. They are just starting out, they have existing programs but need innovation or culture doesn’t match copy, or they’re established and need to build brand eminence. Often those driving these programs are ERG members and volunteers who don’t always have the experience. Led by SHE GLOBL founder Claudia Chan, consulting and workshops are her favorite work because she gets to work deeply with individuals to unlock their potential and witness massive initiatives and change implemented as a result of the work. 

When Deloitte was developing its Reimagine Inclusion strategy, Claudia’s workshops were very impactful because they gave us an external perspective we didn’t have on the gender equality and diversity landscape–what she calls the macro-movement. Educating us on corporate trends in the space to how we can think like social movement makers, really pushed us in dreaming big about reimagining what inclusion can mean for the future of workplaces. I recommend Claudia’s advisory and workshops to companies who want innovative, inspiring and fresh thinking. 

Deepa Purushothaman, National Managing Principal, Inclusion